The ‘What’ and ‘Why’

I have hit rock bottom five times in my life, and crawled out on my own. I beat the odds, and gained lessons no one should learn under such circumstances. Now here I am as a young adult ready forĀ a change. I spent my youth doing everything wrong, which taught me how to do everything right. On January 22nd of 2016, I woke up and was sick of everything. So I decided to change my life. This blog records it.

Over a year later from 1/22/16, I consider myself quite happy and successful. Through hard work I managed to change my life around, and I hope my lessons can inspire others.

What I Want to Change

  • Achieve my desired level of health and fitness
  • Engage myself in what’s meaningful
  • Achieve a straightforward and stoic attitude
  • Live a life a zest and vibrancy
  • Be in the top 20% of society
  • Make a difference in the world