Why I Want to Change

I am Jalyn. I am a young woman struggling with chronic depression. I am recovering from nine year anorexia. I was previously an addict. Now I am in the process of  general recovery and improving my life. The main point is I had a slew of problems in the past that I was always running from, but now I am ready to change my life for the better. 

I’m starting small with changing my problems. There is a strong tendency for me to cycle between being motivated and wanting to give up. To keep my ‘on’ switch from turning off again I need to set habits. It has been proven that creating positive habits determines long-term results.

I want to improve my whole lifestyle. I feel like there is the “real me” who is carefree and awesome deep inside, and she is kind of stuck. So habit by habit I will let her out.

My main passions are bodybuilding, bullet journaling, fashion, and art. Overall, I am always striving to be better, but before I kind of sucked at it because of depression. Now I am full of renewed determination to race forward and never look back. A person can only so run or walk or crawl in circles for so long before she gets weary and craving something more.

And this blog will show my journey in recovery.


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