The Amazing Benefits of Going Sugar-Free

Want to reduce cravings? Are you feeling sluggish a lot? Then perhaps a sugar-free diet is for you. (but no promises it will work the same for you.)

Going sugar-free has tons of benefits that is worth it in the long-run. I’m mainly talking about the artificial sugar found in white bread, soda, and candy. Natural sugars found in fruit and some whole-grain products are actually the type you want, and they have a purpose. Eliminating the unhealthy sugars can truly change your approach to wellness.

So what is sugar? Sugar is glucose, which powers every cell in a person’s body. The brain runs entirely on glucose. Glucose coming from unhealthy sources can cause energy levels to go haywire and disturb the appetite. A person who consumes a lot of natural sugars, especially from fruit, tends to feel fulfilled and have steady energy throughout the day. The worst can happen if a person eats or drink and access of sugar; addiction.

My life has gotten quite a bit better in a variety of ways. Since notably reducing my sugar intake I have more energy, thus am more productive. And productivity is very important to me. I don’t feel as groggy mid-morning or mid-afternoon like I used to. The time I’d be tempted to nap is spent on more important things, such as writing my novella or bullet journaling. Heck, sometimes I even do workouts at other times of the day because I have just as much energy as I did when I first woke up. My favorite part of going sugar-free is how my taste buds have changed. I actually grab some canned veggies or various types of fruit when I want something sweet. What is funny is I had a sip of my boyfriend’s soda, and I was disgusted by how I could actually taste how much sugar is pumped into it. I nearly spit it out.

At first going on a sugar-free diet, a person may experience cravings, Headaches, lack of energy, and lots of cravings are to be expected. Doing exercise to sweat, and drinking an abundance of water, detoxifies the body so a person can get over quicker. But I swear after a few days, a person will reap the benefits, feeling honestly better.

1.Sugar Cravings will be Reduced

Sugar can be addicting, and it can easily change a person’s taste buds to prefer sugar-laden foods over healthy foods when cravings come around. After being sugar-free for a rather short duration of time, cravings for junk food will lessen. A person may find other foods even better tasting, preferring the sweetness of carrots or berries instead of heavily processed food products.

2. Reduction in Hunger Pains

If a person comes an excess of sugar, that is mainly what the body runs on. As the day wears on and a person gets tired, it’s not a surprise for a person to depend on food to get the energy back up. When the body gets healthy sugar from fruit and proteins, it has a reliable source of energy that won’t cause dramatic spikes in energy and hunger. As a side note, fruit tends to be filling as it often contains fiber, while protein dense food takes quite a while to digest, which is also filling.

3.Mental Health and Alertness

Here’s a bit of science in the brain. The primary chemical responsible for a person’s mood is sensitive to sugar. Having the sugars levels be dramatically increasing and decreasing can really affect the levels of serotonin. Processed sugar gives a person a dramatic spike in energy, but it is often followed by an unpleasant crash in alertness, clarity, and even mood. If this is the case, it is probably the best to rely on sugars that are slow and steady in the body.

I highly recommend switching to a sugar-free diet. Just try it for a week. Why would you want to gorge on sugary foods anyways when it is often so unhealthy for you? It’s simply better and more logical to fill up on whole foods that won’t be toxic to your body. To me, it is common sense.



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