An Awesome Morning Routine: How to Set Up the Day to being Productive

I am a huge fan of self-improvement, time management, and being productive. As well as trying to just have a good day like any normal person. The key to it is starting the day off right by having a fulfilling morning.

There are some main components to this, so bear with me. The morning routine should be based around by satisfying your physical, mental, and emotional health. Doing an  array of things pertaining to each is downright satisfying, and it makes the rest of the day a breeze. Think of it as preparing yourself for success.

A quick fact is that a lot of athletes, presidents, and other successful people wake up early as well. David Karp, the CEO of Tumblr, gets his creative outlets done all before his actual work at 9:30 am. President Barack Obama starts his day with an 6:45 am workout, then spends some meaningful time with his family before going to the office. Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, wakes up at 4:30 am and utilizes that time to evaluate his life and his goals. Does this say anything about the everyday people? Well, average people can become anything they want if they are willing to put forth the effort despite any odds.


Exercising in the morning has shown to increase energy and productivity levels. A ass-kicking workout isn’t necessary, nor is a gym membership. As with most aspects of fitness, the primary goal should be health over aesthetics. I highly recommend doing a weightlifting routine, but doing some light bodyweight circuits or even a walk around the block has its own benefits too. Another benefit is exercising right away in the morning makes it harder to make excuses than if you were to do it later in the day, where something could come up. Personally, after conquering a workout I feel like I can accomplish anything that may pop up throughout the day.


Take the quiet moments of the morning to plan out your day. Plan all the way from your most menial task to your major goals. When I wake up in the morning, I focus on what can I do today for my monthly and yearly goals, which are the really the most satisfying for me to work on. Then I focus on what I can do weekly, such as how many pages of my novella I can write that day. I narrow my list all the way down to what I need to clean. It helps to put an exclamation mark next to the most important daily or weekly tasks. Sometimes I get all the tasks done, while sometimes life happens to get in the way and I can’t do any of it. I try not to sweat it too much, as I have about sixty more years in my life to get it done.

Creative Outlets

Doing creative activity that a person enjoys induces a cathartic feeling. In other words, it relieves stress as a person become immersed in it. I either write in my Bullet Journal, paint, or write a blog post or my novella. Occasionally I will work on a small clay sculpture or a mini craft project. Being completely immersed into my hobbies eases mental strain and allows me to let out bottled up feelings in a safe way. Since I struggle with mental illness, it is a way to privately express myself without doing anything destructive to my body. I highly recommend doing something small, even if it is just designing a bookmark or crocheting.


A majority of people say they want to read more. So why not? They say they don’t have enough time or don’t know where to start. I would start with a nonfiction book or a magazine if you aren’t much of a bookworm, because at least you are improving your awareness of something and becoming well-rounded. I own tons of books as I’m a bit of a collector, yet unfortunately I haven’t read quite a few of them. Slowly I am delving through them by merely reading at least five pages a day. Typically the five pages turn into many, many more.

Just Drink Some Tea

Tea has tons of benefits. Green tea can boost your metabolism, give you energy, and can cause you to lose belly fat. Mint tea helps with uncomfortable bloating and helps you concentrate. Lemon tea, or water, is a great detoxifier. Dandelion tea is also a detoxifier. All of these effects are pretty awesome considering it’s just coming from a plant. 

These tips are typically what I do to make the most of my morning, and urges me to have a productive way. Out of curiosity, what do my readers do in the morning?


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