Fitness: Function versus Aesthetic

Being fit is ultimately the sign of being healthy and asserting discipline, with the pleasant side-effect of a nice body. It’s a pretty good deal for eating healthy and working out. What can be easy to mix-up is the real reason why a person should lead a fit lifestyle. The end-goal shouldn’t be the dream physique. That is saying that once you reach that goal, you are done with achieving new milestones. However, setting goals related to strength or endurance always pushes you, while the body is being achieved in the process. Fitness should primarily be about function, with letting the aesthetics slowly develop. If you are consistently meeting your functional goals while keeping your diet in check, you should have no reason to fret over whether or not you are getting results. Pushing yourself consistently through your goals will guarantee results.

Having functional goals are empowering. Being able to run a six minute mile or squat 200 lbs is quite admirable. It shows that you are disciplined in being consistent with your training, which is a lost concept nowadays. A lot of people choose to path to least resistance, while you are doing something that will never be easy. [Insert bragging rights here] From my observations, people lack true dedication.

Here is a bit of psychology. Intrinsic motivation is motivated behavior without any external reward. Extrinsic motivation is motivated behavior with a physical reward. Studies has shown that when it comes to completing goals, intrinsic motivation is the biggest factor. When intrinsic motivation starts being replaced with a reward, a person loses drive in completing the goal. Inner drive is what keeps a person going when it gets tough, making him or her disciplined. Rewards are just nice, but are rather unreliable and are easy to lose interest in. In the case of fitness, inner drive would being badass in non-aesthetic goals. Extrinsic motivation is just wanting a decent body.So… what is it going to be? Intrinsic or extrinsic motivation?

Admittedly, aesthetics are awesome. It brings confidence and is a reflection of your lifestyle choices. It shows the judgmental world that you have discipline over your body. It reveals you eat well, sleep well, and exercise often. In general, having a fit body is pleasing in every way. But don’t be the person who takes the path of least resistance to get there.

A surprising amount of fitness models or fitspo instagrammers are not really all that strong. They tend to choose a couple of body parts to really max out on, while never working the other muscles. Thus, they have a lot of weak spots. It’s obvious which fitness models are actually strong. They just don’t have a banging butt, but have the quads, capped shoulders, and rippling back as well. No offense, but I think it is really f***ing stupid for a person to only train their glutes. What is especially problematic is that an unbalanced physique is not very functional when it comes to being stronger. Having very overdeveloped muscles while simultaneously having underdeveloped muscles is setting a person up for injury. It makes achieving new goals difficult. In my opinion,I don’t really see them as truly fit. They are just people who train their glutes everyday. Sounds kind of silly, doesn’t it?

Overall, aesthetic and function go hand in hand. Focusing on strength and diet goals will let the body develop steadily without the person really noticing. Or at least until he or she takes a good look in the mirror and realize,”Damn I’ve changed. Look at me now.” Enjoy the journey of getting stronger, because after all, “May peace by the journey.”


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