Problems with Fitspo

“Fitspo” or “fitspiration” is false advertising. A lot of the images show a body that took months or years to build, and advertise it as an easy expectation. Often it comes with a catchy slogan involving how a person can’t settle for anything less than a fit body. While fitness is a good thing, fitspo itself can be toxic. I personally understand the effects.

I used to spend hours scouring fitspo tags, longingly admiring the images. I did it so much that my worldview became that those bodies are actually the norm, while my body is abnormal for being the way it is. The crazy thing is that I have never been overweight and I wasn’t overly scrawny at the time. I was rather fit, but didn’t consider my own progress because I was comparing myself to the images. This obsession partially contributed to my eating disorder, as I was desperate to have a “normal body.” The reality is, is that those physiques aren’t generally the norm.

Nowadays I do go on fitspo tags, but in moderation. Usually I browse through images just before the gym so I get a bit of excitement going. But I am acutely aware of what goes on behind the scenes. Fitness models dedicate their lives towards looking a specific way because that is their job. They are paid to look like that. Meanwhile I am an hopefully an average Joe trying to meet my own goals in my own livelihood. I am enthusiastically passionate about fitness, yet it isn’t my job. I’d rather have balance in my life by having other hobbies I enjoy, as I thrive on moderation. Sure I desire to have an muscular body, thus I eat clean and exercise regularly. Yet I must be aware that it isn’t my job to be like that.

Here’s the catch. It is possible to look like that if you are disciplined enough. In fact, fitness should be considered a basic standard for all humans. You have to be realistic with yourself. If you aren’t putting in the effort, don’t be spiteful of those people in the pics who bust their asses to look that way.

I, myself, do work towards that image, but I don’t make it my life. I aim to be a chill and healthily balanced person, and making fitness my life doesn’t involve that. Rather, I enjoy the process of reaching my goals steadily and focus on the health aspect of exercise and clean eating.

As I always say, “May peace be the journey.”


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