CICO: Calories In/Calories Out

Weight loss isn’t rocket science. It is literally eating less calories than the body requires. The only part that is difficult is being consistent in maintaining a deficit, which is an issue in the head. Losing weight is more of a matter of being disciplined than it is about genetics or fate.

CICO is done by figuring out how many calories your body needs to maintain your current weight. Next, you estimate how much weight you need to lose or gain. It takes 3,500 to gain or lose a pound. Going on a 500 calorie deficit will make a person lose about a pound a week, but this may change depending on whether or not you exercise. There is more balance if a smaller diet deficit is used in combination with a mixture of resistance training and cardio.

I lost and gained weight in a variety of ways in my past. I suffered from anorexia, and got down to 98 lbs from chronic starvation. Hell, some days I would have only two hundred calories. I did not get proper treatment for the process of recovery, so I allowed myself to binge for a few months until I got to a 135 lbs. Shortly after I got 130 lbs, I picked up my ex-girlfriend’s and parents unhealthy eating habits, steadily gaining weight until I turned eighteen. Around this age I lost about twenty pounds in one year by turning vegan and consuming less calorie dense food,  meanwhile not tracking calories. Then finally I lost weight the best way, which is eating at a slight deficit and losing it slowly. Nowadays I focus on gaining weight in muscle, which means eating at a small caloric surplus. All of these examples show how I made my weight go all over the spectrum due to the calorie amounts. There is nothing else about it.

If a person is trying to lose or gain weight, all they need is a 250 deficit or surplus from the usual caloric amount. If weight loss isn’t happening, then upping the deficit 50 calories until weight loss is achieved is all that needs to be done, While possible, it is not recommended to start off with a deficit more than 500. It’s problematic because as the body adjusts to using less calories, the deficit needs to increase slightly so results can continue. Thus, starting off with a high deficit means it might have to increase overtime into something that isn’t safe.

The only thing actually matters about this is being disciplined over the deficit. Please don’t do this, but if you eat only junk food on the deficit, you will lose weight. It’s bad however, as an unhealthy diet affects the formation of the physique. A clean diet will make you lean, and an unhealthy diet will make you appear flabby.

If there is one thing I want to say, is that CICO does work. Every living thing grows and shrinks due to its diet, whether it is a plant or a cat or a human. You are not a special exception. If you think you are, measure out all your portions and track every single calorie of every bite taken, then get back to me. I will stand firm in that CICO works for every little thing.

I was for hell used to think I was. For awhile I thought it was impossible for me to gain weight and muscle. Well, I weightlifted while eating more and I did. Then I think about how much of a hassle it can be to lose weight, but then I remember how easily I lost weight once being consistent with my diet. My mother became overweight due to quitting smoking and developing hypothyroidism. Despite both of those stressors, she lost the weight. And genetics? Everyone in my family is overweight, while I turned out fine due to watching my calories.

All weight gain/loss is is “Calories In. Calories Out.”


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