Quitting Soda

There is literally nothing good about soda. No matter what excuses you have, there is no justification in it. Soda is pretty much diabetes in a can. Due to all the chemicals in it, I’m surprised there isn’t some sort of serious genetic mutation spawning from the chronic consumers. However, there are serious health consequences.

Why is soda so bad? The main reason is there is absolutely no nutritional value. All it is is chemicals and sugar, with a dash of caffeine. Among all the beverages to choose from, soda makes the least amount of sense because it does nothing for you.

Here is what is bad about consuming soda. Of course, soda has a strong correlation with obesity and sugar-addiction. It’s no wonder why, as most sodas are mainly artificial sugar and empty calories. Even the so-called safe diet sodas can be linked to obesity, and increased risks of heart attacks. Worse, low-calorie sweeteners used in diet drinks have been shown to increase appetite. Shockingly, there have been some cases of people consuming 1,000 calories alone from soda because they never checked the calorie content. This should be enough to intimidate someone. Furthermore, it can increase aging and cause energy crashes due to the sugar rush people get. So, if there are this many negatives, why do people drink it?

Soda is appealing because it comes in a multitude of flavors and gives a quick burst of energy. I get it. I used to also consume soda until I became the fitness nut I am now. What got me to quit was doing some of my own research papers on the effects of soda on health. After writing about it long enough, and learning dreadful facts, I completely lost my appetite for it. Also, I got $5,000 of orthodontics and dental work done, so I wasn’t in any mood to wreck my teeth.

After going three years without drinking it, I don’t crave it or even think about it. I conditioned myself to love tea and infused water. If I want something carbonated I choose sparkling water. If I need an energy boost, I drink black coffee. There are numerous substitutions I made to replace the dangerous beverage. The other day I drank some Coke, and it tasted like acid to me. I consider that a sign that my body isn’t meant to consume it.

I will say I do not advocate eliminating entire food groups and forbidding food. Having a bit of soda once a month is just fine. Being a regular consumer, however, is like showering in gasoline before attending a bonfire.
So, not a good idea.


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