Importance of Productivity/ No Excuses

I firmly believe that being productive is key to be a healthy human being. Meanwhile, being productive is a subjective word. Does productive mean doing errands and overachieving in work? Does it mean cleaning or paying bills? I yes and no.

Productivity can be the means of seeking balance in your life that slowly leads to long-term success. For me, this means working towards my goals and taking care of myself. My goals are being fit, getting excellent grades, being rick, and being a well-rounded person. Taking care of myself is having tidy house, looking presentable at all times, cooking food, and planning my budget. But it also means doing art, journaling, working on my Animal Crossing New Leaf town, and dying my hair. Those things are cathartic to me, and bring me success and joy. All of this is part of who I am.

Being productive is important for mental health and wellbeing because it is being pro-active. Humans aren’t meant to spend all day online, setting in a cubicle, and never being challenged. Humans are meant to enjoy and engage physical and intellectual stimulation of they are going to improve. This means engaging in exercise and hobbies, even if people feel horrible at the moment.

With my depression it can be tempting to laze around and never do anything. But as much as wallowing in my misery is tempting, I force the idea my head that life moves on whether or not I participate in it. This thought is particularly important to me, as I threw away my teenage years never seeking recovery for my mental health issues. I became sick of wasting time not making things better. Continuing to make the same mistakes in years makes you stagnant and nothing impressive, especially if you complain about it.

Creating three to five goals each day is recommended. Everyday I pick two important things to work on, and three smaller projects to work on. The two important tasks normally involve either a work meeting or attending an appointment with my shrink. The three smaller tasks are working towards my goals, such working on my Motivation Board for my office or completing a chapter in my horror-fic novella. Doing these things are part of being a fully functional person.

When it comes to hobbies or important goals, be a fanatic about it. Put yourself first, and others last. Once you make a considerable amount of progress you will reach fulfillment. If you search fulfillment in empty wasteful sources you will not progress far in life. Prioritizing what you want out of life is the key to being productive on your own terms and being successful.


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