Anti-Trigger Warnings

The definition of the word “trigger” has been distorted throughout the past few years into something different. The word ‘trigger’ originally defined an action that causes a strong emotional or physiological reaction. The reaction has to be warranted enough, such as an immediate physical distress or emotional trauma that was already an underlying issue. A trigger for a physiological reaction could be when a person is allergic to bees, then gets stung, then the sting triggering an allergic reaction. A trigger for someone who developed PTSD from sexual abuse could be rape incidents being discussed on the news. Those are genuine triggers.

Youth online have been overusing the word trigger into something menial. A common one is being triggered by someone having different beliefs, whatever that may be. In a world with 7.53 billion people, being triggered by that fact that people may not agree with you must make your life very difficult. This is a scary concept, as it can lead to censoring of the numerous varying thoughts and opinions people have. The world is not meant to be censored with pointless trigger warnings.

Here are some triggers I found online:

  • Salads          – Fitness
  • Periods        – School
  • Dogs              – Men

Those should not be things to be censored. Life is impossible to escape from, and the big bad society often does not cater to individuals. Unless, of course, they are someone with a lot of money. If any of menial topics greatly upsets someone, it is abnormal and he should get help. To be accurate, anyone being triggered should get help. To censor the world so it is more to your liking more or less makes you a bigot.

Does this make me a bigot? I think not. I went through a lot of genuine trauma that caused me to be professionally diagnosed with PTSD, and only after a few months of testing. I used to have genuine triggers, but I confronted them head on. After working through them, I no longer have any triggers.

The thing is, is that censoring triggers goes against recovery. Being recovered means being resilient in this fast-paced world. If these people who want to censor diet talk and the topic of men, they will have a difficult life. If they were really genuine triggers, then they should consider getting professional help. However, it seems a lot of them rage online against their enemies instead of trying to get better. It seems counter-productive. Instead of changing themselves, they demand the entire world to change for them, which is very egocentric. People like this will not thrive in life.

Working through genuine triggers can be a lengthy process. It involves being uncomfortable a lot of the time because you are often confronting the triggers directly. But it makes a person far stronger to do that than to try to censor the world of them.


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