Meeting Fitness Goals

I will say that fitness is a lifetime journey that is meant to be savored and enjoyed. Instant gratification makes you happy for about three days, but the process of achieving your dreams is satisfying. Each goal smashed is a victory that leads to new conquests.

Goals have to be made. This is certainly important, as it is a guide that reveals what type of training and eating you need to do. All your actions must lead up to your goals.

A general goal would be to workout a specific number of days each week. Just by that goal you are pretty much guaranteed to get some sort of results.

I recommend creating an ultimate goal that includes weight, measurements, and a written description of what you want your physique to look like. Go into graphic detail until the vision is in your head. Another key part is having ultimate strength or endurance goal. What are your major weightlifting or cardio goals? Figure it out. Make sure it is something that will take consistent effort and dedication to achieve.

My ideal physique is based around what weightlifting offers me. I wanted visible muscles, while using certain exercises to build a curvier physique. I am also not too obsessed about getting abs, as I am not out to do competitions or anything, but I still want to be remain fairly lean. I have numerous strength goals, most of them focusing around compound lifts. Knowing these things makes me keep my diet in check so it supports muscle growth, as well as giving me a base routine.

Next create a timeline of simpler goals that lead up to the ultimate goals. These are basically milestones on the fitness journey. For me, this could be deadlift milestones that carve the way to lifting 250 lbs. I would aim for 175 lbs, to 200 lbs, to 210 lbs, and so on until I reach 150 lbs. This is applicable to cardio too, such as the amount of miles or time periods. Another magic thing is that if you keeping hitting those little goals consistently, results will just keep coming.

The other day I was looking through my workout logs, which are basically notebooks filled with fitness goals and my weightlifting routine. A couple years ago I was barely deadlifting an empty barbell, all the while wishing I could be stronger than average. I kept my eye on the prize, abd each time I deadlifted I increased the weight. If I couldn’t do it with proper form, I lowered it and increased the reps or speed. Nowadays I can easily deadlift quite a bit of weight for just my warmup. I get immense pride from that. Not a lot of people can say that worked on a major goal three days a week for two years. Being dedicated is what matters. If I wasn’t in the gym three to four days a week, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Having a goal plan makes the whole process of fitness easier. With specific goals, you know how to eat and train on a day-to-day basis. Following the flow is what will make progress come rather easily.


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