How the Gym is Like Real Life


  1. People refuse to work hard.  A lot of people dink around for an absurd amount of time in the gym. They use light dumbbells, machines, and resistance bands for over an hour, then consider it good for the day. Those people are the ones lacking results. Just like in real life. A lot of people are at their job for eight hours, but it doesn’t mean they are working for eight hours. Three days x forty minutes of heavy weights at the gym is what gives results. There is nothing wrong with using those things, but heavy compounds should be the basis of your program.
  2. People are constantly looking for shortcuts. There are always the latest fads and exercise gadgets. “Try this juice blend! Try this remote controlled ab stimulator!” Along with all those quarter squats, bouncing weight, and kipping pullups. These are what people end up relying on, and messing themselves up with. People need to put in the time and energy to reap the rewards.
  3. Unwanted advice. It’s a common annoyance to receive advice for something that in no way relates to what you want out of life. It’s just as annoying from parents and friends as it is from pests at the gym.
  4. People won’t go all the way. People rarely go all-out in the gym with HIIT cardio or weightlifting. They shy away from testing themselves with the compound lifts, while losing gains in the long run. In life, people don’t put themselves out there or try something new, missing out on opportunities for growth.
  5. People talk more than they work. Imagine how much would get done in and outside of the gym if people just steadily worked.
  6. People with extremely low self-esteem fail. People in the gym who don’t do the hard work, don’t go through the full range of motion, or maxing out on the deadlifts are afraid. They are too afraid of what other people will think if they drop it, or end up having to reduce the weight in order to do the exercise in its entirety. With this attitude about the gym, a lot of those gains will be gone. Outside of the gym, people with low self-esteem lack the drive to reach their full potential by letting other people stop them. To be badass and the alpha, a person needs to do what they have to do while not letting people sway them.





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