How to Accept Yourself

Confidence isn’t always thinking you’re the best, or being a goddess, or being successful. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. Confidence is being comfortable with being yourself, and not caring what your status is or what people think. It is accepting that you are ok with being where you are.

Notice how people with a chill attitude tend to be the happiest. They aren’t overly concerned with their appearance is or how high their grades are. They put in the work, do it hard, then let it go. They just slide through life effortlessly. This is because they are content with how they are because actually a lot of things don’t matter.

Overall, the weight of the world isn’t resting on your shoulders. Most of your actions do not get noticed by society nor affecting too many people. This realization takes an immense amount of pressure off, thus encourages you to be yourself.

A lot of people give me sh*t because I am assertive as a woman, work out, and have many hobbies. People call me successful, or weird for having a productive life. I am told I can be intimidating for how much I have my life together. For those people who tell me I shouldn’t talk about fitness because it is making them feel bad, I make friends who are into fitness too. For those people who tell me to be lazy and give up on all my hobbies, I find people who have a similar drive or hobbies. For those people who don’t like how open I am with my opinions and easily disagree with people, I find blogs online who share my views. I don’t need people to drag me down into something I don’t want to be. Their approval has little effect on me. Therefore, it would be best to just accept myself with how I am.

By saying all this, about accepting where you are, I am not implying you shouldn’t improve yourself. In my opinion, life is about unleashing your true potential. The body and mind are meant to be healthily challenged and kept busy. Life is just a hell of a lot simpler if you chill and be happy with how you are.


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