Skin Care: How I Beat my Acne in One Week

I used to struggle with cystic acne since I was around thirteen years old. I am twenty now, and only recently have I really gotten into skin care. The skin care routine you engage in now should be part of your health regime as with anything else you do. Plus, it greatly affects how your skin will age. Consider it a long-term investment.

Some no-brainer skin-care tips are to take caution when tanning, remove all your makeup, and regularly clean your phone and pillowcases. Tanning ages the skin faster, and being pale has it’s own perks too. I used to envy those with a deep tan, but now I have embraced my porcelain skin. In the winter with my dark hair and white skin I am told I look even ethereal. Additionally, removing all your makeup lowers the risk of it clogging your pores and causing acne. It is not recommended to sleep in your makeup. As for your phone and pillowcases, the dirty germs and oil residue from your face will leave a residue behind that will only transfer back to your face, which is gross. If you do all of the above you are off to a good start.


Let’s start with the following routine.


  1. Remove all your makeup thoroughly. Make sure you get your hairline, jawline, and chin. Get all of your eyeliner and mascara off so you don’t get raccoon-eyes in the morning.


  1. Cleanser. Use a generic cleanser. On Reddit in the sub skincareaddiction, people rave about the Cerave cleanser. Even people severe acne swear by it. I personally use “Yes to Tomatoes” charcoal bar. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. Make sure to get it all over your face, and get in the nook and crannies such as your nose. I do it both in the morning and in the evening.


  1. Toner. Toner dries out the area where you get super oily. I put a dab on a cotton pad, then buff it into my t-zone. A little goes a long way. Even when I apply at night, it lasts well into the next day until I wash my face again. Clean and Clear makes good toners.


  1. Moisturizer. No matter what your face is like, a good moisturizer makes a world of a difference. It leaves your skin feeling soft and rejuvenates your complexion. Use one that is oil-free with salicylic acid if you have greasy skin and are acne prone.



  1. Acne Spot Treatment. Acne spot treatments are exactly what they sound like. You just dab a little on the pimple 1-3 times a day, and it reduces redness. I have just started using Zapzit, and some of my pimples were almost gone the next day. Look for Acne Spot Treatments with Benzoyl Peroxide.


  1. Exfoliation. This depends on the person. The general rule of thumb is no more than twice a week, and on days where your skin feels grimy and dull. There are tons of exfoliators at the drugstore. It doesn’t matter what you use, but just make sure you aren’t too harsh on your skin.



  1. Face Masks. This is best done once a week so you don’t overload your skin on products. There are tons of different masks for different needs. What I alternate between is a gritty charcoal mask to exfoliate my skin, or a clay mask to rejuvenate it. Some people have also said that putting honey on their face works really well too. I will have to try it.


I hope this information was helpful! I am by no means a skin-care expert, nor will I promise that these things will work for you. It is just what worked for me. Also, Reddit sub skincare is wonderful and that is where I picked up on most advice.


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