Freedom: Nobody Really Cares About You

There’s liberation in the realization that your life is insignificant. That in this world of over seven billion people you amount to very little. All your actions go relatively unnoticed to the majority of people. Most of your accomplishments mean much in the grand scheme of things, mainly because it holds no weight over others. In the grand scheme of things, your life is insignificant.

I used to be a generally anxious person who had insecurity no matter the situation. I could be sitting alone in my office when the feeling that something is horribly, horribly wrong strike me, and then I panic, then try to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. Or when I would go out in public I’d feel that everyone is staring at me or judging me about my weight. The weight part is just silly, as I am a very lean and fit person. But in a society where 76% of the population is overweight I feel I am a target being in a very thin body. So most of the day these thoughts of my appearance or the feeling of impending doom rattled me. Then one day I realized that nothing really matters.

Knowing that the majority of things I do does not affect anyone and goes by unnoticed gives me great comfort. My anxiety eases to know that nobody is really aware of who I really am or even my existence. The only people I have to worry about is my family, friends, and my professors. Other than that, f*ck  everyone. If they don’t care, then why should I?

Letting go of my importance takes a step away from my self-doubt. Everything is fine in my world, and even my worst days or best days don’t impact anyone. I get freedom to be myself and not give a damn. Again, why should I care if people don’t really care? It is a waste of time then.
It may be considered a depressing point of view, but it gives me great relief from my anxiety. I still strive to be in the top 30% in society because self-improvement.


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