Minimalism and Diet: Eating Holistically

Minimalism can even be applied to your diet. How can this be done? What are the benefits?

Applying minimalism to your diet is done by eating natural sources of foods while eliminating as many chemically processed foods as you can. Eating a diet of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and lean meats can drastically improve your overall health. It is downright disturbing to know that most boxed foods have the ingredient of corn or corn syrup as a primary ingredient, while being packed with chemicals that don’t have nutritional value. That is not how humans should eat.

Let’s start with how most processed foods are. Today’s farming industry relies on monocultures, which are farms growing only a few crops in excessive amounts. Approximately 20% of an American’s diet comes from a monocultural farm. The biggest cash crop is corn because it is easy to chemically engineer. Corn is “pure”, and many chemicals can be added to change the ingredients quality into different foods. Since it is severely chemically and genetically altered, it is correctly labeled as unhealthy. Depending on the store, almost 70% of food items can have corn or corn syrup in it. Soybeans are another cash crop altered similarly to corn. Do you really want to be eating that, as well as other chemicals?

The best and simplest solution is to primarily eat natural sources of food, as mentioned above.

It can be hard to switch to a natural-food diet. After years of eating chemically processed food with specific flavors, real foods can taste bland. Luckily the taste buds can adapt to a diet change, and after a couple weeks you may find yourself preferring fruits and vegetables. Another issue is that sometimes people are unsure as to how to structure their meals to include what they need.,

Structure each meal or snack by involving at least two wholesome sources of food. Having a plant with a lean source of protein for each meal is a good base.

Fruits and vegetables are great for snacks and side dishes. If you eat three meals with this as a side, and three snacks involving these foods, you can easily get the recommended serving. Fruits and vegetables are easy on the stomach, great for the skin and hair, low in calories, and revitalizing, A few food experts consider these almost as detoxers for the body.

Getting lean sources of protein can be a bit difficult. A good alternative for beef, which are filled with drugs pumped into the cows, is ground turkey. Ground turkey tastes almost the same as beef, but a difference is that it is a bit firmer to work with while cooking. Ground turkey also has less calories for those interested in trying to lose weight. There is also turkey bacon that has significantly less sodium than regular bacon. Chicken is also great, along with eggs. Smaller sources of protein are beans and nuts. Nuts also contain the healthy type of fat the people need, but be mindful of portion sizes because they pack a lot of calories. Eating protein with every meal easily lets you reach your protein goal for the day.

As you may have noticed, dairy is not on this list. This is my crude opinion of why I limit dairy in my diet. The dairy that you consume comes from the milk of a cow meant to be given to its young. The milk is so calorie-dense and fatty that it helps the calf grow over two hundred pounds in only a few months. That is why cheese and milk are high in saturated fats and cholesterol.  So why would you want to eat dairy-laden diet when the milk itself is meant for a baby animal? Also before it is packaged and consumed it has to be screened for bacteria and processed with chemicals.It just doesn’t sound appealing to me.

I am not against dairy. I actually eat three specific types of dairy everyday. I eat cottage cheese, greek yogurt, and whey protein. These are the healthiest forms of dairy that come to mind. Foods with dairy as a added product is not always a definite no, but I tend to avoid it. Humans just aren’t meant to consume a product meant for a baby animal to grow.

Finally, limit sources of added sugar. Sugar from fruits is actually great, while artificial sugars are the ones to be avoided. Artificial sugar is one of the cruxes of poor health. A diet laden to artificial sugar is certainly not healthy. Products with fake sugar are not real foods. This should be simple enough.

Applying minimalism to a diet is about having real, holistic foods that provide optimal health. Choosing foods that are not prepackaged or don’t have a long ingredients list is the ways to go. You want to nourish your body with food, not burden it with toxicity.


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