How to Change Your Figure with One Gym Technique

The secret is consistently getting stronger. You have to make progress in order to continue getting results. Working hard everyday in the gym is how you sculpt your dream physique. If you aren’t taking your training seriously, then you aren’t improving.

One technique that people do is adding numerous exercises into their already perfect routine. This results in having low strength in a variety of exercises rather than being jacked on the basic compounds. How can you possibly get stronger if you don’t work on the basics?

You can’t baby yourself by not putting in full effort. If you only put in 50% of your full potential, you will get 50% of your results. I have noticed this difference myself. I was caught in slump for awhile, and noticed my measurements and strength weren’t increasing. I came to the conclusion that I just wasn’t working hard enough because I was lazy. So what did I do the next two months? I worked so hard at my routine that my muscles felt like they would gloriously tear off the bone. I’d come home and collapse on the couch until I was steady enough to take a shower. After two months I get serious physique results and broke numerous personal records.

It wasn’t easy. I had to use several techniques to keep my workout challenging.

To push yourself harder there are various methods to try.

  • More sets
  • More reps
  • Heavier weight
  • Shorter rest periods
  • Do it faster
  • Do it slower
  • Hold the muscle under tension longer
Consistency in improvement, right?

If you do any of the above it is easier to make progress over time.  Strip down to your most effective exercises that hone in on what you want. I personally focus on compound lifts because they work more muscles than isolation exercises in less time, and I feel powerful being strong at them. The anabolic effect and calorie burn is also much greater because it tends to be intense.
To finish this, muscle is a by-product of strength. The better you get at your most effective exercises the faster your physique will change. It is basically the only secret.


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