Sixteen Good Habits for Women

I believe there are some habits that should be applied to a modern woman’s day. Engaging in habits and everyday choices is how you create your own niche of happiness in the long run. While this list go be endless, here are some ideas for you to try.

  1. Start fresh every day. There is freedom in viewing that each day is a chance to change your life for the better. Carrying the burdens of the mistakes you made prevent you from thriving. Each morning when you wake up, decide how that day is going to be positively different from the previous day.
  2. Adopt a meatless day. Make one day a week meatless. Why? Eating meat and dairy products is rather unhealthy, as it increases your chance of heart disease and high cholesterol. There is also the fact that many neglect getting the amount and variety of fruits and vegetables they need. Try doing yourself a favor and enjoy fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts for a day.
  3. Engage in safe sex. Use protection against STD’s and pregnancy with each new partner, or at least until you really trust the person. Remember, only physical barriers such as condoms protect against STDs. The birth control pill or spermicidal lubricant solely protect you against pregnancy. You only have one body to last you for your life, so be smart and practice safe sex.
  4. Keep a skin-care routine. Your skin is considered an actual organ that reflects how you treat your body. Not taking care of your skin can lead to acne, clogged pores, and a dull complexion. Remove your makeup and cleanse your skin everyday. Exfoliate and use face masks once a week. Also avoid excessive tanning because it can cause premature aging and even cancer. Glowing skin is a sign of good health and liveliness, so why not go for it?
  5. Develop a close circle of friends. There is more satisfaction in having fewer, more enriching relationships than have a many acquaintances. Among your social group, are there at least two people you can completely trust and that they never judge you? If not, are there a couple people you would like to get closer to?
  6. Own up to your mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, and no one likes excuses. Accepting responsibility for your actions is a sign of humbleness and strength. It is also one of the most wisest choices you can make. Also others will respect you for it.
  7. Don’t smoke. In today’s society there is no excuse for smoking due to the abundance of research that shows the harm in it. If you are smoking, try to english help online or in your community to help you quit.
  8. Be serious about your medications. Prescription medications are serious business. Making any changes to your medications or schedule yourself can result in harsh consequences and serious side effects. Always consult your doctor before you make any changes.
  9. Get enough sleep. Inadequate sleep can results in physical and mental health problems. Physically, a person’s cholesterol will go up and his appetite will sky-rocket. Mentally a person will be less emotionally stable and won’t be able to concentrate as well. Get at least seven hours a night of sleep.
  10. Limit social media. Being glued to your phone is easy to do, and hard to quit. Honestly, so many minutes and hours of our lives are wasted being glued to a screen. Excessive time spent on social media has been shown to raise levels of anxiety, depression, and lower self-esteem.
  11. Be open-minded. The world is full of different opinions and beliefs. Yours are just one of them. Being open to new experiences is how we grow. Even if you don’t agree, at least you learn something new.
  12. Do not interrupt others. This can be an annoying habit. Slow yourself down, and practice mindful listening. Others will appreciate that they are being truly heard.
  13. Use coconut oil for everything. Coconut oil is great for the skin, nails, and hair. For your nails and skin, you just massage it in. It is also great to use instead of shaving cream because it gives you the closest shave. Use coconut oil in your hair by letting it soak in as long as you can, then shampooing it out. It is great for damaged and colored hair.
  14. Read. Too many people are ignoring what a book has to offer them. I recommend reading nonfiction, but any type is great as long as you read. It will keep you educated and you can impress others. Reading before bed can help you fall asleep faster too.
  15. Mind your own business. Why should you be invested in other’s drama? Isn’t it kind of negative that most people clue in to it because it can be entertaining? Staying out of other’s business is the best way to go, and it will lower your stress levels.
  16. Own an amazing purse. There is something to admire in a person who has a classy bag. It doesn’t have to be Chanel or Gucci. If it has good structure, luxurious material, and is a classic, then you are in luck.

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