The Lies of Social Media

The majority of social media is merely a fabrication of life. Over the internet, people can cherry-pick what events of their lives they want to display. They can be anyone they want, and craft a likable personality. All in all, they can make everything seem perfect.

Truth is, is that life sucks and everyone has difficulties. Like the pictures in the magazines, the lives shown on social media is airbrushed. No one’s life is perfect of that awesome. And it can be horribly misleading because people believe that life is supposed to be like that. Then they compare and despair. It is quite saddening for young women especially.

Take Kylie Jenner, whom I assume you know. As a disclaimer, I do actually support plastic surgery and cosmetic changes if it is done honestly and for the right reasons. However, Kylie Jenner acts like her luxurious lifestyle is normal. She downplays her cosmetic surgery as “au naturel”. When young girls say Kylie is goals, I cringe inside.


I understand having social media encourages an ideal aesthetic. I use social media to give me ideas about what to do with my life. However, I know behind the flashbulbs of the cameras their lives aren’t what they seem. More importantly, some social media stars get paid to post selfies. So when everyday people try to create a social media presence, they realize something isn’t quite adding up. They have unrealistic expectations. Or they feel if they are not getting thousands of likes or views it means something is wrong with them. That is definitely not true.

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to get validation from how popular they are on social media. No one knows who you truly are, thus they aren’t actually important to you. Creating a fantasy life online can certainly be appealing if you struggle with insecurity. Yet falling in the trap of validation of strangers will leave you forever unhappy. If you think you struggle with the stress of social media, you may be in need of a detox.

I noticed I began being stressed by social media several months ago. I spent an excessive amount of time online. I compared myself to others, always unhappy with where I was in the present moment. I’d inspect every nook and cranny of my life through distorted lenses. The lies of social media taught me that if I am not like them, then I am not normal. I was very unhappy.

Then I heard this quote.


“Realize the ideal, and idolize the real.”


I noticed how warped my sense of reality was. I had no expectation placed on me to lead a life like online celebrities. If anything, I desire to be an average-joe and an all around good egg. Now I consider it a burden to have to meticulously craft an image online and try to maintain it. I’d much rather be grounded in reality where everything is guaranteed to be genuine.

So in the beginning stages of my social media detox, I did this thirty day challenge. I am sorry for not knowing the source of this. If the owner stumbles upon this blog post, please take credit for this by letting me know!

Try this easy thirty day challenge to see if the internet is part of your life, or if the lies of it rules you.




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