Why High Maintenance People Are Scary

People who are high-maintenance are those who frequently need attention, overdramatize, and can never be comfortable with the given situation. There is also the category of people are high-maintenance due to having expensive taste or are overly insecure about their appearance. And this category of people scare me.

I strive to make life as simple as possible. Being tied by materialism, consumerism, and possessing the perfect appearance is a burden. In my frank opinion extreme insecurity about those things tiptoes the line of mild narcissism. Either way, you are preoccupied with yourself. Hence my favorite quote. “Realize the ideal and idolize the real.” Which is the opposite of how these people function.

I’ve dated a a few people who were high-maintenance to the utmost degree. They was never happy with what they owned, despite their overflowing amount of possessions which were all expensive. There is also the fact that they obsessed over clothes, hair products, and makeup or videogames. Hours online would be spent shopping to acquire things to their expansive collections. I lived humbly, treating my few expensive items gently. Meanwhile they would throw her pricey gadgets on the floor, only to step on them and break it, then immediately buy another one because they felt they couldn’t function without it. When they couldn’t afford her luxurious lifestyle they fell into a dark mood until they somehow acquired the money to splurge on expensive gifts. They also expected others to treat them like a royalty and lavish them with attention. When I would be bogged down with my career as a horse trainer or with other hobbies, they would demand attention from me. Numerous times I quit what I was doing to give them the attention they craved. They were the definition of high-maintenance. So no surprise I ended our relationship when their social insecurity and spending spiraled out of control. While I still have no ill will for them to this day, we just weren’t compatible in the long-run.

Observing the subtle wreck of other high-maintenance people besides my exes, I’ve become afraid. These people can simply never be happy and create their own misery. Being invested in the wrong things, especially consumerism, is rather dooming.

I will say there are some things I am fussy about. I am rigid in my routine, and sometimes expect people to always let me follow it, despite it being an inconvenience. I obsess over what I eat and how often I workout (even if that is a good thing). With the possessions I do have, I insist on taking such good care of them that I am sometimes almost afraid to use them. I can be frustrating in these ways.

Which leads me to wonder if everyone has their own degree of “high-maintenance?” Perhaps maintenance can be seen as something that has shades of grey. If a person didn’t care about anything, that could be bad. If a person is excessive like my ex-girlfriend, it could be toxic. Happiness is found in the middle.

The stereotypical high-maintenance is what I try to avoid. It conflicts with how I desire to be a mellow and sickeningly happy person. Life is much less stressful for me if I am to let go of material possessions and obsessiveness over appearance.

There is so much more to life than that.


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