How to Improve Your Purpose and Learning

How do you be more effective at how you approach things? How can you beat the learning curve? How can you focus? All of these skills lead up to having the most productive life. There is the wave of pride in accomplishments that happen on the regular. Very few things bring in inner peace other than this, and that is coffee and meditation. Otherwise, I make this personal philosophy a priority and base my life around it.

A human, nor an animal, isn’t meant to sit around all day. Humans are meant to be consistently challenged and kept intellectually and physically occupied. A famous philosopher once wisely noted, “It is a shame for a man to die without reaching his full potential.” My biggest fear is wasting too much time and not being my best self. I am to become in the top 20% at things I do, and if not, to do my best.

So how do I improve my learning? By understanding the reticular activating system. The reticular activation system is about focusing energy. You tune out everything unimportant to focus on the task at hand. The focus point is what is what is important to you or what is a threat. When you write off something as not important enough, your brain is cued not to remember it.  If it doesn’t apply to the present or the future, it is even less important.  You have to set up habits and follow your passion.

Those who are successful, such as athletes, CEO’s,  usually all exercise, eat healthy, and engage in a variety of hobbies. While discipline plays a role, it has more to do with how these people view it as a habit they can engage in everyday. Seeing something as rather simple and a habit that can be picked up drastically changes your mindset. Instead of seeing it as a nuisance or something you don’t have time for, you are ready to tackle it. Hence, the ability to learn is realizing the importance of it, and how you can keep the knowledge for everyday use.

You have to find your purpose and urgency. You probably aren’t satisfied letting your evening beer give you a pot belly or vegetating in front of the television for hours. Likely, for everyone, there is room for improvement. Cultivating purpose and urgency is what keeps you going like the energizer bunny. All the while cutting away at what isn’t important.
Taking this an approach to learning is a good idea. The human isn’t meant to waste away into a mindless sponge. Be the drive and master of your life, and reach your full potential.


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