Thoughts on the Obesity Epidemic

76% of the population is overweight or obese. It is truly an epidemic caused by a sedentary lifestyle combined with an excessive consumption food. I find that horrifying, as I am rather dedicated to preserving my health and fitness status. What really upsets me is that excuses people make for it. I don’t care to hear it whatsoever, and often fill people in on the harsh truth.

I understand on a general level why the obesity rate is skyrocketing. Humans are programmed to desire fatty, calorically dense food because a long time ago those were needed to help survive famine. Now in a society with an abundance of those same types of foods (yet more processed), people are naturally drawn to gorge on them. So I understand the biology behind it, yet I don’t tolerate any excuses.

People like to blame their weight on health conditions or on factors beyond their control. One excuse is hypothyroidism, which is bullshit. If they diagnose themselves the condition, then they should go to a doctor because if you have an untreated thyroid condition you can die. Additionally, hypothyroidism often causes only a five to ten pound weight gain. The rest of the weight gain is your own fault. Another excuse is medication causing weight gain, such as antidepressants and birth control. Well, I am on both and never gained weight from it due to eating right and exercising. I know others who managed this too. Finally, the most ridiculous excuse is that being at an obese weight is your “set point.”

No one is meant to be obese. People are meant to be fit and lean. My belief is that it should be a basic standard that is applied to everyone. If a person’s set point is in the overweight category, that often means their calorie maintenance for that weight is extremely high. Then, all that is necessary is simply eating less and exercising more. That is how humans are supposed to be.

I will share my personal views. I may be biased because I have always been proactive in everything I do, which is built upon my sickeningly happy attitude. The only changes that happened in my life is when I stopped complaining and making excuses, then faced the issue head-on. I used to be skinny-fat, to scrawny, and now to muscular. I realized that all it takes is a proper diet and exercise regime. Amazingly, it only takes me thirty minutes four to six times a week. With such little changes I achieved a good body. Occasionally I would eat unhealthy for a couple weeks, but I’d drag myself back on track. I wanted to maintain my pride in being healthy and fit.

Which leads me to my second point. As vain as this sounds, I am proud of how well I take care of myself. In a sedentary and unmotivated world I work hard to improve my fitness levels. Knowing that 76% of the population is overweight or obese fuels me to be healthy for a long time. I want to experiences life for all its worth without my weight every holding me back. I refuse to make excuses that will reverse all my progress because I know a great secret.


“Since you’re the one who made yourself this way, that means you have the wonderful ability to control and fix it.”


I hope society will realize their unhealthy lifestyle before the health conditions develop. More or less, I just want a healthier society. Maybe we can get to that someday.


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