Why to Take Chances

Are you stuck in a dull, everyday routine? Do you feel like you are at a dead-end road lacking of zest and creativity? Do you feel unsatisfied with how your life is going? I used to be the same way. Then I decided to force myself to take chances.

Something in my singular-programmed brain snapped. Previously I held the belief that my niche should be the same, and that any changes would be removing anything toxic. However, with all the empty space I was creating I never brought in anything happy and exciting. I was afraid that anything new I would try would blow up in my face. I ended up missing out on a lot. And I got really, really sick of it. So I decided to change.

I recently landed an amazing opportunity due to taking a chance. I had to ditch my totalitarian routine that dictated how I spent every single minute of my day, go to a new place that I deemed as too scary, and interact with people when normally I go through tremendous effort to avoid the general population. Despite the bit of a mind-fuck it created, it changed my life.

So what was it? Well, there is the thing in our community called a Sunspot Bus. The Sunspot Bus is a bus hooked up on the inside with UV lights that help promote the production of vitamin D in humans, which tends to not happen nearly as often due this community being in Wisconsin. The business also sells tea, healthy snacks, and educates on wellness.

I decided to go on a adventure and eat lunch in that exact Sunspot Bus. I talked an awful lot with the owners since I happened to be the only patron on at the time. I learned that it was hard to do a variety of things for the business, as  it was run only by two sisters who were entrepreneurs. I ended up really relating to how dedicated they were to this fantastic job of promoting health to the often depressed people of the northern hemisphere. Without really thinking, I offered myself to help anyway I could, free of charge. With those words I overthrew everything I was used to. I lost my routine and my time. However, I ended up with the cool task of promoting the business, reviewing their marketing tactics, and may be working on a new blog with them. All of this was perfect for me because I get to make a difference too by helping those lovely women promote health.

None of this would have happened if I didn’t help or even walk on the bus. If I would have been a whiny baby and listened to the dictator of my comfort zone, I’d still be perpetually frustrated with how my life is going. And miraculously, this did not blow up in my life like I assume anything new would do.

This is like a neon sign of how life should be. If I am unhappy with my life, then something has got to change through taking chances. It makes so much sense now.
My life has rather changed by this risk. It gives me momentum to continue making risks. I learned a new way of thinking that did not involve an embarrassing situation or by significantly fucking something up by making a wrong decision. I am on a roll with a new mindset and am going to continue expanding on my life with this.


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