Why Vitamins Are Essential

Can you budget your precious calorie limit over consuming upwards of twenty-five vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other essential nutrients? Personally, I used to try to make it my personal mission to meet all the recommended amounts of my essential nutrients, only to find it impossible. I would not be eating a well balanced diet. More importantly, I realized I’d be eating double the amount to get close to everything I need.

Which is why I turned towards taking vitamins.Vitamins are used to supplement an already healthy diet. It should never replace one. It’s foolish to justify eating crap by thinking you are oh so healthy by popping a few vitamins and cups of green tea. If you are serious about being healthy, your diet would be balanced and the vitamins would just be an extra part of it.

American doctors are reporting that people are becoming malnourished, despite living in one of the richest countries. 72% of Americans are overweight or obese. Child obesity rates are skyrocketing. A large percentage of that statistic have a poor diet. This does not excuse people who are at a healthy weight, but eat unhealthily. People are eating plenty of calories, yet not getting adequate nutrition because of their food choices. I blame this partially on lack of knowledge, food deserts, poverty, and rising prices of healthy food. My optimistic attitude convinces me that there is always a way around those barriers.


The amount of vitamins can be confusing. I find to just stick to the simple ones that I know I need. A women’s multivitamin covers most of the micronutrients that I need in a single dose. However, I live in Northern Wisconsin where daylight can be scarce in the winter. Seasonal Affective Disorder and vitamin D deficiency is common up here, thus a vitamin d supplement is crucial for five months out of the year. An additional vitamin I take is Biotin. Biotin is just a vitamin that supports skin, hair, and nail health. Overall, I feel these supplements cover what I need,

There are precautions to take if you take a multivitamin. If your multivitamin has a large dose of, say vitamin C, then you probably don’t need another vitamin C supplement. At the very least the additional dose will be excreted as waste, and at the worst you get overdose on it. That worse case option is rare, but should be kept in mind.
Vitamins aren’t necessarily good or bad. It’s a bit like whether or not you make it a crutch for a poor state of health. If you are weird enough to think a gummi capsule is going to make you the next health guru, then you are mistaken. Taking a multivitamin is a great start, just be mindful of why you’re using them.


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