How to Get a Fit “Bikini Body”

I am ready to step up my training as summer is coming up, and there is a swimsuit I have been eyeing at Victoria’s Secret. This means tightening up my diet and increasing my workout intensity. But what are my specific goals? I want to be a bit more leaner, elongate my muscles, and add a lot of muscle. I suppose that is what a lot of girls as well, judging by what is popular online.

I consider myself having a good base of muscularity and leanness, but I still want to look my best for this summer. I’m considering this a type of makeover for the spring (along with everything else I’m doing). It is always important for a person to test their limits for a short period of time, as when it’s over your bar will be higher for yourself. And the sense of accomplishment from following through feels good too.

However, don’t think this is some garbage advice that you will follow until summer comes, then drop your fitness regime. Fitness is truly the cliche of being a lifestyle. If you are that desperate to be fit for summer, then you might as well try being fit year ‘round. There are no logical explanations for busting your butt for a couple months, only to lose all the progress you have made.

If you are desperate enough to read this “Bikini Body” guide, then make it a goal throughout your life. Besides, there are tons of benefits to being fit besides just having a self-esteem boost. Your mood and energy levels get better. You build discipline and self-efficacy. Then there are the health benefits that will help you throughout your lifetime.

Anyways. Regardless of how fit you are. here is a straightforward, easy guide for everyone to follow.


—————————————————————————————————————————————–Lower your body fat percentage. How thin do you want to be? What is your preference? As long as it’s healthy, you should go for it, Body fat percentage can be easily lowered by reducing calorie intake.

There are 3,500 calories in a pound. Figure out how much time you have before your goal deadline is, and then readjust how frequently you want to lose a pound. It helps to have a bit of strategy when reducing calories.

For example, if you  immediately cut out 500+ calories,  it will be harder to reduce the calories overtime as your body readjusts to needing fewer calories. There is no problem with taking it slow with dieting.

If you want to make the process faster without reducing calorie intake too much, then add cardio. HIIT is the best method for fast fat loss, and it takes less time than steady-state cardio. However, it if is your preference to do steady-state cardio keep doing it consistently.

Overall, there is no genius way to lose weight besides Calories In <Calories Out.


  • Add Resistance Training. Resistance training is what builds muscle, or “tones” ( I hate that word) your physique. Building muscles in the shoulders, upper back, thighs, and glutes creates an hourglass figure. I recommend using heavy weights to get the fastest results.

If you are just starting out, then a 3-4x a week full body workout will suffice. Hitting all the major muscles, like the quads, glutes, back, shoulders, and chest will give you the bang for your buck. The major muscles group also slightly hit the smaller muscle groups as well. Thus, focusing on compound lifts will work the best.

Depending what you want to focus on, you should add more sets and vary the reps for it. I like to start out with heavy weight and low reps, then gradually use lighter weight and higher reps with each following set. It is definitely a killer.

When it comes to building legs quickly I recommend squats, deadlifts, and barbell hip thrusts. Google Bret Contreras, aka “The Glute Guy” to check out his latest research. The upper body is easy to to train with  shoulder presses, bench presses, and bent-over rows. If you have time, try doing pull-ups to gain the pride of being the few able to do them (those take practice though).

When doing ab exercises, there are pointers to know. To create a sleek hourglass figure it is best to do bodyweight exercises. Adding weight to oblique exercises can widen and thicken the torso. Yet if a six-pack is what you are after, then use heavy weights to hit all the abdominal muscles.

  • Elongate muscles. In other words, this means to lengthen your posture to improve physical presentation. Did you ever notice how dancers and yogis seem to have a graceful, svelte figure? That they move with finesse? It is because they incorporate stretching and light bodyweight exercise. Yoga and stretching is highly recommended to everyone, no matter how much of an athlete or couch potato you are.

This is a straightforward guide to benefit anyone who wants a fit bikini body.


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