Born to be a Hustler

I consider myself reborn hustler. “Born to keep up the daily grind.” People have looked down on me for working so damn hard and being such a go-getter when there were alternative options. Although I am not a mindreader, I assumed the other options were:

A: Give up

B: Hire someone to do it for me

C: Wait to see if fate will give it to me later

D: Mysterious option. Only mysterious because there is always an unknown variable


Perhaps I had that mindset as a teenager. When I was younger I had a pathetically huge external locus of control. In other terms, I believed I had no influence over my own life or anything on this planet. Things just always seemed to “happen.” That goes hand in hand with the victim mentality. It is why I took too long to recover from addictions and mental illness. Besides that issue with my mental health, the non-go-getter-things-are-randomly-happening attitude impact me in other ways.

It made me lazy. It made me pessimistic. Very despicable traits. That is why when I decided to change my entire life around I decided to be the go-getter. With the attitude that I can do anything I want, my life started to change.

I told myself “Today I am going to be a happy hard-worker.” I drilled that thought into my head until I became that happy hard-worker. Call it a self-affirmation or whatever you want. Psychology has shown if you tell yourself something often enough, you will subconsciously make decisions for it to come true.  Better think positively then.

Making my identity being a happy hard-worker changed my approach. I see problems as challenges to conquer. I put in more effort into time-consuming tasks, while handling smaller ones with finesse. I don’t feel as overwhelmed. I almost kind of whistle while I work. It truly is all about attitude.

Like a hustler, I also need when to take a break. Working myself to death causes me to crash for a few days, doing nothing productive. Then I feel poorly about myself because I was being lazy. The trick is to allow myself to have downtime every evening. Three hours is often enough for me to recharge, and work again tomorrow.
Be a hustler. Have a positive attitude. Everything you put into this life will come back to you eventually, thus you want to put in good energy to reap the rewards. Enjoy the present, and work for the future.


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