Minimalism: Purse Edition

I have been a minimalist for over a year now, and everything has been alright. Yet this past week I made the unpleasant observation that I feel the need to own large purses and backpacks with a vast amount of pockets. And that no matter how large my bags are and how many pockets they have, it is overflowing. So, the problem is not that they are dysfunctional. It is actually that I am convinced I need to haul a lot of sh*t with me wherever I go. Or, at least, was convinced.

This morning I sorted through my purse, and kept only what I actually needed. Here is what I carry with me:


  1. Wallet- filled with a few coupons, license, college ID, cards, ect.
  2. Mini journal- Has emergency contacts, budget plan, and shopping lists
  3. Personal bag- chapstick, comb, qtip, tiny foldable scissors, headache medication
  4. Swiss Army Knife- does prove to be very useful
  5. Electronics Bag- backup battery, charger cord, and headphones
  6. A notebook of my choice- to write in when bored
  7. Teabag + protein bar
  8. Phone


I feel this isn’t that bad. I have a small purse now, and it is spacious for the first time in ages. I see there was really no need for me to carry three journals, my Nintendo 3DS, food, tea bags, various makeup stuff, and so on with me everywhere.

I think it was because I still had a partial attachment to my items that led me to taking too many of them with me wherever I go. So minimalizing my purse is showing me I can be content without taking tons of things with me.

After a trip out of the house did I realize that I did not need to bring so much stuff with me, and it’s worth not embarrassing myself when I have to spend ten minutes digging into my purse when I need to find something right away.
Yep. That is a definite bonus.


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