What’s In My Gym Bag

I go to the gym at a minimum of four times a week, and I always make sure to be prepared. It’s a bummer when you get to the gym all ready to go, only to realize you forgot your headphones or a fresh change of clothes. The majority of the time I do an intense weightlifting session, so some of the items may be more specific to that discipline. Additionally, I may do racquetball or yoga in between my college classes. Actually, now that I have a Fitbit I might be going to the gym in the evening to walk on the indoor track for an hour. Well, I’m there a lot. After going to the gym for four years I got a great list of essentials.


Gym Essentials

Gym Shoes: I use a pair of flat shoes from Nike for weightlifting. On days I’m doing racquetball or cardio I have running shoes. Having a flatter shoe for weightlifting gives me better form and keeps me balanced in comparison to puffed-up running shoes. My running shoes give me a bit of ankle support and cushion my feet from harsh contact with the ground. If I don’t have these, I probably won’t workout.

Workout Log + Pen: This is the second most important item. It is technically a Bullet Journal, but it is exclusively for exercise. On the first few pages I have my weight, measurements, and records. At the beginning of each month I record my goals for that month. Each day I write down my workout plan, then add in the weight I did with each set. I also keep track of other exercises I did, along with how long each workout took me. If I forget to bring this to the gym, then I try to do the workout from memory.

Water Bottle: I use a cute water bottle that was gifted to me. It says, “I don’t sweat, I sparkle.” It is only sixteen ounces, which I realized isn’t enough. I might have to invest in a liter water bottle.

Headphones:  I use bluetooth headphones on days I need extra motivation. Most of the time I don’t use these because I try to practice mindfulness during my workout.

Headband: I have short hair that can’t be tied back, so I use a headband to push my bangs back and also soak up the sweat.

Socks: Sometimes I need a better pair of socks than the ones I wore to the gym. It’s a good idea to have a spare pair just in case.

Makeup Bag: There is no need for me to bring all my makeup with me. I use this after my workout if I have to go somewhere afterwards. I just bring powder foundation, dry shampoo, q-tips and chapstick. If I am going someplace after my workout I throw in a mini bottle of lotion to help with my dry hands.Also I use a body spray if I sweat a lot.

Pre-Workout: I only take these occasionally. I use a cheap brand I found at Wal-Mart, but for the price they definitely work. I am able to pump out more sets and reps when I use these.

BCAA’s: I drink this every time I workout. This supplement mainly helps with muscle recovery.

Snack: I bring a one hundred calorie snack pack of almonds. If I am working out in between college classes, then this tides me over until I get home.

Elastic Bands: I use the bands at the end of my weightlifting workout to completely burn out my muscles. The program I’m on frequently uses bands for hip abduction exercises so I can never forget these.

Ankle Weights: These are only brought on days I need them. I use twenty pound ankle weights I found at Goodwill for only $10. These are great for leg and glute exercises on days you don’t feel like pushing heavy weights. Be careful that your gym bag can carry the heavy weights, because you don’t want it to rip.


These are everything I bring to the gym with me. I am a bit of a gym rat and can’t stay out of there, so I need to be prepared.



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