Chronic Fatigue is Unacceptable

Are you chronically tired? Having zero energy? Do you find that mentally you are driven, but you are just too damn tired to bring yourself to do anything. Is that an acceptable way of living? I highly disagree.

The people who are success and ultimately happier are those who have a lot of energy.  People who are high in energy run laps is nearly every aspect of life compared to those who are always tired. Picture everything you can get done if you merely had the energy to do it. It’d set you ahead in life. It’d ease any unhappiness to a certain degree. If your tiredness holds you back in even the slightest way, do everything you can to change it.

I find energy gives me vibrancy I never thought I’d had. Nowadays I am the obnoxiously happy person. Partially that has to do with conquering my chronic depression, which being tired fueled it. Being tired all the time made it easier for my depression to coax me into doing nothing all day, and not being proactive in getting better. That’s not a very optimistic attitude.

Then one day I decided to pinpoint what made me so tired. I chocked it up to the famous saying “People who are in motion, stay in motion.” The more I did absolutely nothing with my life, the less inclined I was to change it. I knew if I could make a wee bit of self-improvement in my life I would get addicted to it. Well, later down the road I started making my self-improvement journey since I hit rock-bottom by that point. Plodded along bettering myself. Going to the gym. Making friends. Getting a rewarding job. Being on top of errands and deadlines. I shifted the mental car in gear, then stayed in motion. Happily-ever-after for the most part. Only for the most part though, as life can really, really suck.

Anyways, find what gets your energy levels down. It might not be that you’re lazy or unambitious. It could be hormones, caffeine dependency, poor diet with too much sugar, poor diet with too many or too little calories, ect. If it is something that can cause any major health consequences down the road, then by all means should you try to get better.
You deserve to feel your best, and be generally healthy. With an abundance of energy you will be happier, more successful, and likelier to make a difference in the rather depressing world. It’s not an acceptable lifestyle to be f*cking tired.


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