Law of the Vital Few


The Law of the Vital Few states that 80% of events come from 20% of the causes. While percentages may vary and this law may not be accurate, it fuels my work ethic. Understanding this concept changes the way I approach every aspect of my life. All of my efforts must be done concisely to reap the rewards, or lest I suffer the consequences. Here are some situations where it might prove true.


  • 20% of your weightlifting exercises causes 80% of the results
  • 20% of your food choices cause 80% of the weight gain
  • 20% of your relationships cause 80% of your hardships
  • 20% of your habits affect 80% of your routine
  • 20% of your possessions you use 80% of the time
  • 80% of your problems come from 20% of your life choices


When I look at the list above and am definitely willing to make a change. I will say that I spend too much time online, but it is still probably less than most folks. I could use more effective exercises in my weightlifting routine and eliminate the ones that don’t challenge me. There are a few more things I could do as well.

The plan for changing your life with this law is tedious, but worth it.

First, write down 20% of your negative daily activities. (Overeating, watching TV, scrolling social media, general laziness). Then write down 20% of positive daily activities that bring you joy.

Now here’s the key part. Eliminate the negative 20% and increase the positive 20%. The plan to do this is up to you. Just work on discipline instead of motivation, and don’t make excuses for yourself.


Here are some statistics to motivate you.

  • Over ⅔’s of the U.S population is overweight
  • Over 80% of people do not weightlift
  • Over 80% of people do not exercise
  • ⅔’s of Americans do not have retirement savings
  • 50% of Americans have less than $500 saved


Now do whatever you can to get in the top 20% of society.


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