No Excuses for Your Behavior

One of the most wonderful things about life is that you have full control over your behavior. You get to make your own decisions the majority of the time, unless you are sucking up to social niceties. There’s not a problem with that. The issue is when people make poor decisions, complain, and then hand out excuses. They refuse to take responsibility for themselves.

More wonderful news is that behavior can be changed. If you are unhappy or ashamed of how you’re living, you have the option to change your life at this very moment. Accepting the power of your own responsibility is a life-changing decision. You embrace humbleness, empowerment, and become the boss of your life.

People who are successful do not whine about how unfair life is. They had their own struggles, but overcame them by changing what they could; themselves. Groveling at the bottom of society for something good to come your way just gives power to others. Why would you rely on society to cater to you? Overall, your failures and laziness means nothing to the world. Unless you are the President or a celebrity, nobody cares enough to give you exactly what you want. This is exactly why you must accept your behavior is within your control.

A common example now:

Are you struggling with your weight? Complaining to others about how fat you are doesn’t solve anything. If you bother to complain, then you might as well try to change your weight in order to bring your honor back. Eat less and move more. After you lose the weight, people will recognize you for making a personal change, which will inspire others. However, if you chose to ignore about how your eating habits and sedentary lifestyle contributed to being overweight, blaming it on genetics, then nothing will ever change. Along with other possible examples, would you really surrender yourself to a behavior that is unhealthy?

There are behaviors of mine I had to accept. I used to be rather lazy. It was a mixture between believing I had nothing to do and because the people I surrounded myself with lacked ambition. Once I become aware that I was letting time slip by I made three changes. I bought a daily planner to keep a busy schedule, came up with a variety of goals, and ghosted my friends. I didn’t want to become the deadly sin of “sloth.” It stung to realize how much time I wasted. I could have been building a youthful success. (I ended up starting at 19 years old.) Instead, I was ignorant in how I spent my time doing nothing. Once I started putting in effort into my life, things changed for the better.

I don’t let excuses become an actual belief.
What are your excuses? What negativity are you accepting? You deserve better, so go make a change.


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