My Self-Improvement Summer Goals

I made a list of everything I want to do/change this summer. A change of the seasons is a perfect time for change, especially when there will be a break where I won’t be around as many people. This form of going into this  self-focused isolation “monk mode”, which the same is very suitable.

I’m not sure what to think of what the process will be like. But I will keep updates of how this will go. As long as I have self-discipline and don’t deny that I can actually change, this life do-over should be completed by the time my senior year of college rolls around.

Here is a list of everything I will change starting today.


Goals for Summer 2017

Main Goals

  1. Build a life around my priorities
  2. Focus on optimal health
  3. Achieving my dream body
  4. Try new activities
  5. Have confidence/ “Idfc” attitude


Goal #1: Priorities

  • Spend most of my time on hobbies (hobbies > time-wasters)
  • Let the SGI become more of a center in my life (be my moral compass)
  • Keep loved ones near and dear (message daily, hang out weekly)
  • Engage in minimalism (study + practice)
  • Eliminate time-wasters (social media, unnecessary tasks)


Goal #2: Optimal Health

  • Keep to a strict diet (track calories, less caffeine, high protein, cheat meal days)
  • Stay on top of appointments (psychiatrist, gastroenterologist?,  dentist, orthodonist)
  • Make progress in therapy (closure on past, start EMDR)


Goal #3: Achieve Dream Body

  • Weightlift 4x per week + weekly progress
  • Build on Quads + train 2x per week
  • Build on Abs + train 3x per week
  • Yoga 7x per week + loosen whole body
  • Get approximately 9,000 steps daily
  • Longboard for cardio
  • Ride stationary bike 2x per week


Goal #4: Try New Activities

  • Try new methods/genres of doing hobbies
  • Go to new places
  • Learn to do things for fun
  • Aim for spontaneity


Goal #5: Become Confident

  • Read motivational books
  • Realize nothing matters
  • Work on it in therapy
  • Develop better body image
  • Engage in basic self-care to keep myself functioning

2 thoughts on “My Self-Improvement Summer Goals

  1. This is great. I think by listing out your priorities in step 1, you are well on your way. And step 3, the exercise will definitely help you as well as you will be able to have a clear mind. Find the positives in life and keep moving forward! If you have not done so, I would also recommend trying some sort of meditation to keep your mind clear and focused. Best of luck!


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