Updated Capsule Wardrobe

The other day, five days ago in fact, I rehauled my entire capsule wardrobe into an even smaller one. There wasn’t necessarily anything wrong with how my capsule was. I just felt like I still had too much of certain pieces, in addition to having several pieces I still barely wore. I’d much rather have a smaller, well-used wardrobe full of everything that looks good.

Since this is my third Capsule Wardrobe change, it went by quickly. The longest ordeal was figuring out what style I wanted to have, and how little I can get away with. My style only changed slightly: a more grown-up casual to suit how I’m a 21 year old who doesn’t care much about fashion. So threw out certain grungy shirts and kept polished tees, blouses, and blazers. The point is that whatever I put on I will automatically like and it is versatile for different outings. Just simple.

So here is my current wardrobe:

(Note: This is a year-round capsule wardrobe, thus it has more pieces that are seasonal, and it bigger overall. Also, I plan on not buying any clothes for the majority of the year.)



Striped (1)            Eclectic (2)              Neutral Silk (1)

High-neck (1)       Mustard-Colored (1)         Velvet (1)


White (1)              Grey (1)             Black  (1)

Eclectic (2)        Striped (1)            Mustard-Colored (1)

Mid-Sleeve Shirts

Baseball (1)         Eclectic (2)          White (1)

Long-Sleeve Shirts

Black (1)            Grey (1)            White (1)

Striped (1)        Hemley (1)


Flowy Cardigan (1)    Thick/ Wool Cardigan (1)            Button-Up Cardigan (1)

Blue Oxford (1)          White Blouse (2)            Blazer (1)        Flannels (2)


Black (1)          Boyfriend (2)          Light wash (3)          Dark wash (3)


Black (1)         Light wash (2)          Dark wash (2)


Black (1)     Grey (1)                Striped (1)        Cowl Neck (1)

Red (1)        Eclectic (1)           Fluffy (1)


Ankle Boots (1) Combat boots (1) Knee-High Boots (1)

Classic Heel (1) Leather Slip-Ons (1) Oxfords (1)

Converse (1) Summer Heels (1) Black Flats (1)


Black Quilted Bag (1) Leather Tote (1) Leather Backpack (1)

Evening Bag (1) Everyday Bag (1) Statement Purse (1)




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