Absolutely No One Is Entitled

You are not entitled to wealth.

You are not entitled to respect.

You are not entitled to sex.

You are not entitled to affection.

You are not entitled to relationships.

You are not entitled to possessions.

You are not entitled to emotional support.

You are not entitled to anything.


And neither is anyone else.

The concept of entitlement has always been an interest of mine. It is senseless, yet a core of today’s society. It can be motivation for people to achieve what they want, although in a roundabout way. People who are entitled think society or others owe them, and carry that expectation over to other areas of their lives. Sometimes it can be that a person is in misfortune, and seeks to recover through thinking society owes them happiness. The concept of entitlement can be sad or maddening. For those who do get what they want through being entitled, it can be temporarily blissful — until someone refuses them.

What do others think?

I commonly see entitlement among people below the age of twenty-five. I predict this is because at the age of 25, nothing really gets handed to you anymore and there are very real consequences for your actions. You learn it the hard way. It’s an easy mindset to not blame yourself for not putting in the work.

Here’s a personal example of mine.I thought I was entitled to act however I wanted without consequences. I was self-destructive when I was a teen. For most of my teenage years people let me get away with it, until my behavior got too extreme for anyone to really watch happen. So they put me into a residential inpatient treatment center for three months. And I was all fucking confused about why I was there. Then I realized if I couldn’t manage to keep myself safe, then naturally others would put me somewhere to protect me from myself until I could be trusted to be mentally healthy. Common sense. Cause and effect. Snapped me out of my entitled attitude and I worked towards recovery.

Then there’s nonpersonal scenarios I see all the time.

Take students for example. They get a bad grade on the test, then bully the teacher into saying they deserve a better grade. However, the student never studied for the test. She simply expected the teacher to give her a good grade. The teacher doesn’t owe her that. The student feels down because she feels victimized, but never realizes getting good grades to get into her dream college is within her own control.

Women often think they are entitled to affection from a partner regardless of her own behavior. A woman could be manipulative, demanding, and doesn’t do anything in return for her partner. Yet she expects her partner to always provide cuddles and kisses despite the the conflict. As I always say “If a woman acts like a queen, then she should treat her man like a king.” If a woman wants a perfect #goals relationship, but somehow things never work out with partners, then she should work on herself because it’s easier than changing others to meet her standards.

The longer you think people owe you, the shorter your happiness will last. Being entitled will essentially make you a loser. Why? Because you never put it your own hard work and never get true results or completely meet your goals.

The bright side is that now you are fully capable of developing your own skills and talents. You are very moldable. You can really only go up, and there are lots of responsibilities. Failure might happen. No, probably will happen. But it’s a learning experience that can only make you greater. You have vast, unrealized potential right now.

Each person has the capacity to change the core of who they are around. Even the most entitled person can become the hardest worker. Or the spoiled the most giving. Each person can change for the better.

So welcome to real life.

Entitlement is a toxic mindset that people need to let go of if they want to be happy.


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