Harm of Fatspo

76% of the population is now either overweight or obese. Of those who are thin, 80% of them are sedentary. Poor eating choices and a lack of exercise is considered the norm, and is even looked down upon by certain groups. Apparently making healthy lifestyle choices is a sign of superficiality or a self-loathing. I blame the fatspo trend.

Fatspo is loosely defined as making being overweight a healthy status, and being happy with how you are. Those who say that are unhappy with their appearance or their health are told they just have to break through their layers of self-loathing that was created by the big, bad, evil patriarchy. They blame society for having to pay a few dollars extra for clothes, having too small of seats, and being uncomfortable with how they are in public settings.Through the veil of victimization they say that they must be happy with how they are. If people disagree with the fatspo indoctrinations, they are shunned and publicly humiliated on social media. I have seen this first hand.

The leaders of this movement are obese women with the desire to wear too little clothing no matter the situation. Often they are strongly tied to radical feminism, which part of that movement preaches for women not to be sexualized. I whole-heartedly agree with that. What I am annoyed with is how fatspo leaders also push people to love and admire their nudes. Isn’t it weird how they are saying that you must absolutely love how they look, as if discouraging free will, which is against what feminism says? Like, how looks aren’t important. I hope you readers understand the hypocrisy of the tie between fatspo and feminism.

Don’t get me wrong. I do believe in body positivity. People should be happy no matter their size. It makes me sad to think of how many women are unhappy with the way they look. Despite how I believe looks should never be a priority, fatspo and women generally make it a priority.

There is always controversy when a group tries to glorify something unhealthy. “Glorify” isn’t even an exaggeration. Fatspo says childish quotes like “It’s ok to be fat!” or “You are a goddess!” It seems they have to remind themselves an awful lot that they are healthy and happy. Since I am a rather isolated person I wonder if people rely on silly quotes to validate them, or if the majority of people are indifferent to what others think. I wouldn’t know.

Is fatspo a toxic movement? Only if they are glorifying unhealthiness. Is body positivity for everyone? Absolutely, as long as you don’t demand people to love you back.

I  feel this has been enough of a rant.


2 thoughts on “Harm of Fatspo

  1. I think it’s absolutely okay for us to all be okay and happy with who we are but to me I don’t care what anyone says being overweight is UNCOMFORTABLE ! I totally get the whole loving who you are and loving the skin you’re in movement but honestly when we actually love the skin we are in we accept for what is and do things to make our lives better . At the end of the day being overweight is uncomfortable and even though sometimes I dress up and feel pretty and my confidence is through the roof , deep down I know that being healthier in body would make me feel a lot better and life itself would be better. Of course, live your life , you don’t have to be a certain size to enjoy it but seriously.. eating however we want and not moving enough just makes you feel tired . That’s just my opinion I need to get my eating habits under control , America has the highest obesity rate and to me that’s not okay.


    1. Exactly. You hit the nail on the head. I completely agree with you.

      Being overweight is hard on the body, and depending on exactly how overweight you are it may need to be your #1 priority.

      Yet also self-loathing can be damaging to yourself and affect your life in a big way. Self-loathing can cause self-sabotage with a fitness journey.

      So a holistic approach to a lifestyle change is probably best.


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