Appearance is Controllable: Take Charge of Your Aesthetic

Fact: The majority of women are unsatisfied with their bodies.
Myth: They can’t achieve their dream aesthetic

I’m using the term “aesthetic” to describe appearance. Appearance includes clothing style, weight, and body proportions. It can be divided into subdivisions, like hipster, classy, parisian, sporty, ect. Or attractive vs unattractive. Everything is entirely subjective and open to interpretation. Aesthetic is what a person aims for.

Falling into your aesthetic niche where you are both happy, confident, and objectively attractive is the perfect place. And it’s entirely possible to get there. You just have to quit the self-defeating beliefs in your head. Or, perhaps, you tell yourself you’re fine the way you are — even if you’re unhappy with it. Do you want to still settle for being unhappy in the slightest about something? Because you think your appearance is beyond your control? That you can’t get your dream aesthetic?

It’s both easy and difficult. The great part is you have complete control over it.

So, let’s kind of start what to do to achieve your dream aesthetic.

First, you have to figure out what aesthetic you’re going for. What is your ideal body shape? Hair and makeup style? How do you dress? How do you carry yourself? Can you categorize it, then seek inspiration online?

Set a concrete idea of what you want.

The hardest part is changing the most basic part of you; your body. Whether you want to gain weight or lose weight, you have to make dietary and hopefully activity level changes. If you have acne or dull skin you must start investing in skin-care immediately. Hair is relatively easy — just get your ideal cut and color, then keep it healthy. To go above and beyond, if body modification is what you’re into — go do it or start saving for it.

When you take initiative for all of the above, be certain that it’s a regime you can maintain and is ideal for you. You don’t want to make significant lifestyle changes, only to get overwhelmed and revert back to old habits. It should be thought as maintainable changes that you can be dedicated to. Doing research about fitness, skincare, haircare, that is right for you is the best option.

The next part is the easiest; getting a new wardrobe. I would say that you might not need a whole new closet. Most of the main pieces for any wardrobe theme you probably already have — and should definitely keep. Take out all your clothes out of the closet — all of them — then sort through each piece. If you love the article of clothing, and it’s free of stains and fits well, then by all means keep it.  If there are pieces that you love, but never wear, see if you can wear it two times a week in the next month. If you are unable to do so, then donate it. Everything else from the closet can simply go.

The shopping part requires self-control. Only buy for your aesthetic, if it’ll pair easily with other items, and if it’s flattering. You want something that you will wear frequently. It’s better to have a small wardrobe of pieces you love, than a wardrobe of clothes that are only so-so.

Makeup is kind of the same way with clothes. You might have to do some experimenting. Makeup can really change your aesthetic depending on the amount, boldness, and colors. There are also trends that come and go. Try experimenting with the purpose of creating three everyday looks, a look for days you’re feeling bold, and two for night-outs or events. Once you got those down, you can do makeup quickly and without much thought. It’ll be easier to automatically set the demeanor of your aesthetic.

Finally, there is your presence, or how you carry yourself. This includes your mannerisms, tone of voice, items you surround yourself with, and even the company you keep. It may not be part of your appearance, but it’s related to attractiveness and aesthetic.

For example, I am very into casual elegance. Almost parisian. I find that a dainty, feminine, yet educated, presence fits with who I am as a person. I don’t consider it being ‘fake’. If it were, I would feel dissonance for not being true to myself.

Basically, how do you want to act? Bold and the life of the party? Charming yet sarcastic? Quiet and intelligent? There are so many ways to be.

Presence is what ties the whole aesthetic in.

And aesthetic is all of this together.
One last thing: Don’t be afraid to break the rules.

These aspects have always been part of you. It just wasn’t what was truly you. Taking charge of your aesthetic/appearance is entirely up to you. Personally, you should go ahead and reinvent yourself.

Life is short, and you should do whatever you want with yourself within reason.



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