Awake 16 Hours = 12 Productive Hours

Everyone complains about never having any time. I think it’s a matter of being unable to effectively schedule time, or wasting the precious time you do have. Most people are awake sixteen hours at a time. Most people work approximately eight hours. That gives you eight extra hours to do whatever you want. It’s time to do what’s of value to you. 

With that time, what do you actually do? Do you watch TV? Go online? Go shopping at the mall? Or do you engage in hobbies, read, and spend time with loved ones? When listing them out, it’s easy to see what’s meaningful.

According to this ( most Americans spend time doing leisurely activities. And to be get a bit more specific, this site is the average among other sites:

That site reports people being online almost 9-11 hours a day. If it’s not the internet, it’s television. People are merely getting distracted or procrastinating if they say they never have time (with exceptions for some demographics). As since people are awake sixteen hours, surely they can spare four hours after work doing something besides relaxing in front of a screen?

A person doesn’t need the entire time after work spent relaxing. I think that four hours after work being productive on what’s meaningful is rather reasonable. It can be more energizing to get really into a book, going for a run in nice weather, or trying a new hobby with those four. With four hours, you could probably get several projects done. You could go see a movie and have dinner with your partner. So much fun and pleasant memories can happy in those four hours.

And with the last of the fours hours in the sixteen hours you spend awake, I believe in relaxing in whatever way you want. Everyone needs that freedom.

Now, I understand that a lot of things get in the way. Cooking, cleaning, having a family, school, ect, can mess up a schedule big time. I certainly agree then this blog post may not apply. But I insist on finding ways to have time to relax and still get what’s meaningful done nonetheless. Everyone needs to recharge the best they can.

Time is never something to take for granted. Each day should be spent in gratitude, and never wasted. Everyone has the right to choose how they spend their time, but no one deserves to have an unfulfilling life. Ask yourself, “Am I happy with how I spend my time? What can do I do differently?”

Everyone’s time slots are different. Just be reasonable with not wasting time, and don’t make excuses when you do waste time.


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