What to Do with Spare Journals

Nearly all of my time is spent journaling. Several journals are often used at once for different reasons, and most get used everyday. My current rotation is: my personal diary, my Happy Planner, fitness/recipe mini notebook, poetry album and my Nichiren Buddhism smashbook. Despite that number, I have several composition notebooks, embellished journals, and sketchbooks that are unused.

I hear plenty of people complain about owning beautiful journals or having an overflowing box of composition notebooks. I recommend working in them, even if you don’t think you have any stroke of creativity in you.

Creative projects have been correlated with health benefits. Mental health benefits include keeping your brain sharp as you age, building self-esteem, and undoubtedly is a great stress reliever. There is a very strong correlation between creative hobbies and general level of happiness. I think that should be incentive.

You have to find your niche. Find a type of journaling technique that you are guaranteed to stick with at least a few times a week. I firmly believe you can find one right for you.

Here’s some suggestions

  • One-sentence diary: Each day write a single sentence that summarizes events or thoughts of that day
  • Real diary: Go beyond just writing in it; feel free to draw and personalize it. Make sure it is genuine and raw because otherwise it won’t be as “refreshing” to work in it.
  • Smashbook: Glue pictures, paint, draw, and collage all in a single journal.
  • Goal log: Plan out goals and write about the process of completing it
  • Dream diary: Record your dreams are soon as your wake up and try to decipher them
  • Habit tracker: Track habits you want to start, or even track habits you are trying to break
  • Inspiration journal: Fill a journal with inspiring images that will keep you motivated in achieving your dream life
  • Random Lists Journal: Create lists of any topic you can.
  • Faith Journal: Write about goals, religious events, or building upon your faith
  • Creative Planner: There are so many types of planners. My Happy Planner has tons of fun lists, pictures, and is generally personalized. It’s tons of fun, and also functions as, of course, a planner.
  • Vent Journal: Keep all of your dark, ugly thoughts and feelings in it. When you’re done with it, throw it away.
  • Letter Diary: Write letters to people you will never send.
  • Life Advice/ Life Pro Tips: Write down bits and pieces of useful advice you come across.
  • Dream Life Journal: Write about what your perfect life would be like, and the steps you can take to make it perfect.

There are unlimited options of what you can do with journals. These are just a few ideas. You can do a whole project/theme, or you can just do random bits and bobs in a journal. The nice part is you can start again anytime on the page you left off. Although this sounds lame, everyone can find a journaling activity they enjoy.


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