Flexi-Vegan? Partially Transitioning to Veganism

I am a person of very strong opinions. I was vegan between the ages of 11-19 years old, and absolutely loved it. It was genuinely the healthiest I ever felt. And after eating animal products for two-ish years I’m considering on transitioning back -- partially. I miss the vibrant health and energy I had. But …

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Great News! You’re Accountable for Your Weight

No one is ever entitled enough or an exception for being excused his or her actions. Everything has a consequence. The consequences may not be immediately apparent, or obviously positive or negative. They will be clear eventually. This principle is true with weight and your physique. Whatever actions you put into your diet and fitness …

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Diet Myth Debunked: Scheduled Eating

(Note: Does not include intermittent fasting) Scheduled eating being necessary for a diet is a myth. A person can train themselves be hungry certain times of the day that are convenient, but it doesn’t provide any real benefit for weight loss. Calories are still calories, no matter when you eat them. Your body doesn't care …

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