Be Nice to Resolutioners

Why can society can so hard on people who get excited about making New Year’s resolutions? Is it a bad thing for a person to want to improve himself and become ultimately better? I get so happy to think of how an abundance of people gain the incentive and motivation to change their lives for …

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Quit the (Trans) Fat! The Harm of Trans Fat and How I’m Quitting It

I focused on calories for far too long. When it came to nutrition, I would just make a mental note of how many servings of each food group I was consuming. Recently I began reading books about nutrition -- which caused me to a have a spark of significant metacognition. There are an abundance of …

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Flexi-Vegan? Partially Transitioning to Veganism

I am a person of very strong opinions. I was vegan between the ages of 11-19 years old, and absolutely loved it. It was genuinely the healthiest I ever felt. And after eating animal products for two-ish years I’m considering on transitioning back -- partially. I miss the vibrant health and energy I had. But …

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