The title has the key topic of this very post. The chronic condition of f*cking around and not getting anything worthwhile done. I’m a person of very strong opinions, and I firmly believe that everyone becomes victim to f*ckarounditis at some point. I realized I became a victim when my self-improvement was stagnating and I …

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Emotions Don’t Dictate Reality

Repeat after me : “Emotions don’t dictate reality.” This is a harsh truth I realized I can no longer choose to ignore, and I want to spread this nugget of knowledge. Humans are inherently irrational. When something bad happens -- no matter on what scale of ‘bad’ it is -- emotions tend to be our …

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Stop the “Compare and Despair” Game

Everyone masochistically plays the “compare and despair” game in their head in varying degrees. But chronically pining over the life of another, while tearing yourself down, has no purpose whatsoever. It destines you to misery. It’s hard not to compare yourself to others in today’s society. Online and offline people can be incredibly fake and …

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