The Easy How-To Guide to Elevating Your State of Being

An optimal level of functioning is a healthy and energetic state of being. When a person is functioning, merely functioning, on a low mood and energy level -- they will receive the same feedback from the world. And vice versa. Here’s an example: Matthew trudges through his work day barely getting by. His mornings are …

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Practicing Decision-making

There are waves of people in this century full of drive and strength, wanting to create a change in their lives and the world. Which is very noble, of course. Yet what a large portion of that population struggle with is decision-making. Here’s my question: How can you decide to change your life or the …

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How to be Independent

Independence in freedom. Independence is self-sufficiency. Independence is true internal happiness. Independence only has benefits, yet many people are trapped by relationships, belongings, or their own mindset. The longer a person lacks independence, the longer the person will go without attaining true happiness, which is happiness that comes forth internally and is not invested in …

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